MLTI-NM offers two levels of certification:  the TEACHING LEVEL, (a one year program), and the THERAPY LEVEL, (a two year program.)

Teaching Level
Graduates of this one-year course will have demonstrated an understanding of the structure of the English language, the principles and practice of multisensory teaching, and will have demonstrated competence in teaching Sounds In Syllables to students with written language learning difficulties. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • 120 hours of classroom instruction from MLTI-NM instructors
  • 60 lessons of at least 45 minutes each, over a minimum of 9 months teaching one or more dyslexic students
  • 5 observations of your teaching (using videos) with written feedback
  • Pre/post testing, Initial reports, Final reports,  on all students
  • Demonstration of correct English speech sound production and clinical competency at the teaching level
  • Assignments, monthly quizzes, book/article reports, and exit exam

Therapy Level
This two year course of study is for the professional preparation of Dyslexia Therapists and their ultimate registration, through exam, as a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT.) 

CALT's are specially trained to treat children and adults with written language learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental reading disorder and other related learning problems.  Training goes beyond the teaching level course and includes a second year of academic instruction, clinical training, and supervised teaching.  The work and hours completed  for the Teaching Level are included in the Therapy Level.

Minimum Requirements 
  • 200 hours of classroom instruction
  • 700 hours of supervised clinical teaching
  • 3 therapy situations, including advanced levels of instruction
  • 10 observations with consultation and/or written feedback
  • Pre/post testing, Initial Reports, Final Reports on all students
  • Correct production of sounds and therapy level clinical skills
  • Assignments, written paper, research studies, quizzes and exit exam

Dyslexia Therapist Certificate
Upon successful completion of all requirements, the trainee will be granted a Dyslexia Therapist certificate.  That person may then apply for the Alliance National Registration Exam, administered by the Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA) to become registered as a Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT).

Continuing Education
CEU's are required to maintain certificate at both levels.

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