Dyslexia Therapist Training

Our  trainees become specialists in teaching the structure of the written
English language and in utilizing intensive multisensory therapy techniques
designed for students with  reading, writing, and/or spelling disability.

The core therapy curriculum is Sounds In Syllables, Multisensory Structured Language Therapy, a research based program used successfully for over twenty-five years in public and private schools and clinics to teach dyslexic children and adults to read, write and spell.  Is has also been used very successfully in re-training language skills which have been lost due to the effects of a stroke. 

Trainees learn to identify students for whom these techniques are essential, and learn effective strategies for teaching them.  Primary emphasis is on procedures developed to teach bright students with severe reading and spelling disabilities - those who often seem intervention resistant.

The dyslexia therapist  training course incorporates academic instruction, clinical training, and supervised practicum in:

  • Theories, history, characteristics of specific developmental dyslexia, and appropriate models of instruction.

  • A structured, multisensory, process-oriented approach to teach reading which integrates the motor skills needed to develop:
Phonemic awareness
Word attack skills
Accuracy and fluency
Linguistic and morphologic pattern awareness
Listening and reading comprehension skills

  • A structured, multisensory, process-oriented approach to teaching spelling which integrates the motor skills needed for written spelling, and emphasizes:
Phonologic/phonemic awareness
Basic and advanced sound/symbol relationships
Rules and generalizations for spelling basewords and derivatives.

  • Remediation of handwriting difficulties

  • Research pertaining to dyslexia and related language learning disorders.

Sandra Dillon, Director

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Albuquerque, NM  87107